Summer is here and your energetic little ones are home all day long, in danger of becoming couch potatoes staring at the TV or at their phones or tablets.

Instead, occupy their minds with these two fun indoor game ideas, curated by our team at IKEA. We’ve also listed a couple of variations to keep your kids active and interested.

Tape Shape Games

  1. This is better played on a bare floor, so remove all carpets in the room.
  • Using coloured masking tapes, create random shapes (or numbers or letters) on the floor, within easy reach of all players.
  • Ask your little one to stand in their favourite shape.
  • Then ask them to move to another shape by crawling, jumping, hopping, etc. You can say things like “Hop like a frog to the circle” or “Jump to number 10”.
  • If you’ve chosen alphabet shapes, ask them to spell out their name. This not only keeps your little one active but reinforces their learning on shapes, letters and numbers.

Variation: This game can also be modified for learning numbers and adding/subtracting.

  • Make a large square and nine smaller ones inside.
  • Number the smaller squares from 1 to 9.
  • Instruct players to start from any number (say 1) and jump to any other number (say 3).
  • Then let them add the two and jump on their own to the total (in this case, 4).
  • Once they’re done, you can move to subtraction.

Balloon play

Balloons are wonderful toys. Not only are they great entertainment, they can also teach your little ones a sense of balance and juggling.

Variation 1: Keep it in the air

  • This game is very simple: your kid has to make sure that their balloon does not touch the floor.
  • For older children, add a variety of challenges, such as using only one hand or juggling two balloons at a time.
  • This simple exercise is a sure-fire way of expending all that energy and teaching them hand-eye coordination.
  • If there are many players, pair them up. Let them count how many times they can hit their balloon back and forth without falling, and see which pair wins.

Variation 2: Balancing on back of the hand

  • The idea here is to see how long they can balance a balloon on the back of their hand before it falls to the ground. This is so much fun, plus they are constantly moving.

Variation 3: Balancing on foot

  • As a variation or for older children, let them lie on the floor with their legs up in the air.
  • The challenge here is to balance the balloon on their feet.
  • Quite a difficult task, this is also a great workout for core strengthening.

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