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Twinkling lights and Christmas time go together like marshmallows and chocolate! Beautiful and cheap, fairy lights are a shoo-in when you speak about Christmas decorations.

Well, our designers at IKEA love fairy lights because you can use them in a number of different ways to decorate the home and usher the festive spirit into your house. So here are some creative and fun ways to use your fairy lights to illuminate your home this season.

  1. Adorn mirrors

    And some sparkle to mirrors by framing them with a string of LED lights.
    If your mirror is attached to a dresser, loop it around twice so you create an even glow.
    You can also tape a string of lights to the back of the mirror on your vanity so that the light creates a halo effect when you look into it.

  2. A festive bed

    Arrange multi-coloured fairy lights over the canopy of your bed or intertwine it through and around the rods of your footboard and headboard to create some playful, ambient lighting, for the days you want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate.

  3. Decorate a plant

    Fairy lights are great on a Christmas tree but, if you don’t have one, your house plants will work just as well!
    Drape the LED fairy lights on some household plants, real or artificial, or planters and place them in a corner of the room.
    This immediately adds a warm glow and creates a festive ambience. Check out IKEA’s indoor gardening range for some cool products.

  4. Word play

    As fairy lights are so pliable, an interesting way to use them would be to form a word in cursive with the lights.
    Family members’ names or a motivational quote, or just ‘Merry Christmas’ and a ‘Ho Ho Ho’ on your walls, can up the festive cheer quotient.

  5. Light wreaths

    When it comes to Christmas décor 101, wreaths are an absolute essential.
    Create a lovely wreath of light with fairy lights by simply taking come copper wire and bending them into spheres of the size you would like and interweaving LED lights through it.
    Play with shapes and different coloured lights to create various effects.

  6. Wall of memories

    Create a memory wall of pictures with a string of lights.
    If you have a blank wall and have been wondering what to do with it, tape a string of lights and place some picture frames of family and friends interspersed between the little bulbs. Add some mistletoe to make it more festive!

From everyone at IKEA, we hope these simple DIY ideas inspire loads of festive fun and cheer for the entire family.


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