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Not on the top of your list? You can still buy it now - IKEA Qatar

While shopping at IKEA, there are many things you may want to buy but don’t, because either you don’t need them at the moment or they are a bit expensive. But with IKEA’s part-sale on now is the time to make your ‘want-but-don’t-need’ furniture list.

The much-awaited part-sale comes with great prices! So things that you’ve been putting off all this while can be bought now. All the items are worth every penny now. Right from wardrobes and organisers to mattresses and linen, you name it, and IKEA has that piece of furniture taken care of.

Here are a few wardrobes that you must consider buying the sale if they were ever on your mind:

RUSALI- This wardrobe is a classic that can make any bedroom look complete. It comes with three doors. The centre door comes with a full-length mirror, so you don’t have to buy a separate mirror. Its sleek wooden finish is pleasing to look at, and you won’t get bored of it quickly. It can stay with you for years together.

HEMNES- A traditional look with a modern finish in white, this wardrobe comes with two sliding doors. With this wardrobe, a simple room can get some character.

BRIMNES- A three-door wardrobe, BRIMNES comes with a white stain finish and makes for a beautiful addition to any room. The mirrored door can be placed on the left, right or centre. With adjustable shelves inside, you can organise it as per your needs.

With the part-sale on, all wardrobes mentioned above are available at IKEA at excellent prices. And not only these items, but a wide variety of products are available at great prices as well. So, it is the best time to shop for the necessary and not-so-necessary things. In fact, the money you just saved can be used for delivery and assembly. Make your list now and get shopping.


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