Give your baby a safe night sleep

Give your baby a safe night sleep - IKEA Qatar

Your child is your most precious gift, and when you make him sleep every night, you want to ensure he is comfortable and safe. So, his crib should be made with utmost care and fulfil all your requirements so that he sleeps well every night.

In fact, up to 2 years of age, babies spend most of their time in the crib. So, as parents buying one will be the most important purchase you make for your baby. Along with that a firm mattress, warm bed linen and cozy quilts will keep your baby snug and safe throughout the night. So, let us have a look at some cribs that we recommend for your little bundle of joy!

GONATT: This classic one has a modern grey colour finish. The base can be placed at two different heights. And once your child grows a bit older, one side can be removed so that he can easily climb in and out of bed. It has 3 drawers underneath so that you can store your child’s blankets, toys and other knick-knacks. Also, the mattress and bedlinen are sold separately.

GULLIVER: You can’t go wrong with this one. It is simple and classy. It has a clean white finish. Again, the base can be placed at two different heights and can be easily converted to a toddler bed by removing one side as your child grows older. It is well-ventilated and sturdy. It can be used for newborns, infants and toddlers. Also, it is quite reasonably priced and worth every penny.

SNIGLAR: This Scandinavian-styled, affordable crib comes at a low price but is excellent quality. It has a thin frame, so it is advisable to place it fix it on a wall to prevent it from tipping over. Like Gonatt and Gulliver, the mattress can be placed at two different heights, and one side can be removed later.

STUVA: If you are looking for storage units along with the crib, then go for the Stuva crib. It comes with fresh pink, green, blue and black coloured drawers. So, the baby’s cot is not too Plain Jane and has a pop of colour too. It is sturdy and can be later converted to a toddler bed too.

SUNDVIK: This one has a solid frame and lacquer finish. It is budget-friendly and long-lasting. Its rounded edges and corners provide additional safety. Also, the base is well-ventilated to give your child a good sleep.

So, go for the one you like and give your baby a good night’s sleep. There is nothing more fulfilling and joyful than seeing your angel sleep peacefully.


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