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Over the years, we have noticed that the master bathroom tends to be the main focus, and we don’t give guest bathrooms much consideration. However, we think it’s high time we change this in the new year – whether you have many guests coming over or not.

So here are some top curated tips from our experts, to make that guest bathroom welcoming and comfortable.


Neutral and bright is key

Dark bathrooms are never a good idea, and that’s even truer for guest bathrooms. A bright, clean space is totally the way to go. From tiles to the mirror and sink, try to keep everything a neutral colour and go natural as much as you can. If you have a window, open it up to let in natural light.

Quality Towels

Possibly the best investment you can make for the guest bathroom: soft, high-quality towels!

Guests will really appreciate some fresh towels stacked in the bathroom, ready to be used. You can choose from tons of products here at IKEA, made of high-quality materials, guaranteeing ultimate comfort.

Bare Necessities

Wonder why hotels have a toiletry kit ready? We all know we’ve forgotten a thing or two when travelling or staying over somewhere, so your guests will be super relieved to find extra toothpaste, shampoo, or even a nail clipper in the guest bathroom.

Travel sized products are your best friend when it comes to stocking up the guest bedroom. Put everything together in a little basket on the counter or tie them up with a lovely ribbon.

Fragrant Fervour

A stale, mouldy bathroom is the least welcoming thing. If the room is closed for a while, it’s bound to have become musty, so make sure to air it out before guests arrive!

Air fresheners and scented candles are wonderful for keeping the space smelling fresh, so make sure to get some. At IKEA, we have a large collection of candles that are amazing at dispelling bad smells and are a great alternative to artificial sprays. Make sure to keep a lighter and some incense sticks too!

Robe and Slippers

A plush bathroom robe and soft slippers will make guests feel right at home, cosy and warm. This will also help them avoid rushing back and forth in a wet towel after a bath. The slippers will also keep them comfy in winter when stepping onto a cold floor.


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