A Guide for Choosing the Perfect Mattress

Guide for Mattress

You might spend a lot of time designing your room, mixing, and matching textiles and bedroom furniture to end up the way you wish it to be. However, one single thing, that some neglect, make the whole twist and render your room the last place you wish to enter after a long hectic day. That low-key high important thing depends on many factors, you will need to read more about in the following. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s your bed’s mattress! There’s no better place to relax and let all your tension out.

In our guide, you’ll discover some factors to consider when making the right decision for choosing your next bed’s mattress.

Go for the right size

Mattress sizes varies based on your bed size. If you have a tiny space, you probably stick to the single bed with an 80x200cm mattress or a 90x200cm. The bigger, the better, right? Jumping to wider sizes, queens, 140x200cm, and kings, 180x200cm, are there to provide all the space you need to lay down pleasantly, you and your partner. Now, let’s play your favorite movie!

Mattress type

Besides the mattress size, the mattress type is totally a different world. Foam mattresses absorb the movements of your body giving you all-over support and restful sleep. Venting channels allow air to circulate, giving you a dry and healthy sleep environment. Sprung mattresses are a good choice if you prefer the feeling of sleeping on top of your mattress without sinking in. Your weight is distributed evenly, providing support for your whole body. However, the pocket springs act independently to follow the contours and movements of your body. Latex mattresses follow the contours of your body closely. The holes inside allow air to circulate, and comfort zones provide pressure relief and support precisely where you need it.

Say goodbye to your pain

A good mattress is a pain killer. A good night of sleep will contribute to a morning full of energy. Backpain suffering can be eased if you settle for the right position on a mattress that takes your body shape and gives you all the support you may need to calm down your aches. A high-density foam can provide good support and spinal alignment. Now, rise and shine, and unleash days full of productivity and liveliness.

Fuel your night with a supportive mattress to keep you always ready to conquer the impossible. IKEA mattresses are life companions, relieving your pains and pushing stress away. Thus, the perfect mattress will also require a unique pillow to provide the perfect night’s sleep.

Have a good night!


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