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Tips to Match Furniture with Floorings - IKEA Qatar

Choosing the right furniture piece to complement your space can be complicated! With so many colours, styles, and finishes to choose from, it may be difficult for you to decide!

But what if we tell you that IKEA’s design professionals have the perfect solution for you! Here are some tips on how you can add some edge to your home.

Mix & Match

Sometimes it is fun to play around with different colours and textures and break the monotony in your home! If you are confused and not sure of what to do, we would recommend blending contrasts. That is, if you have light floors, it would be nicer to go for dark furniture, but if you are dealing with dark wooden flooring, it would be better to opt for light furniture. Also, whether it be in the living room, or in the bedroom, you should consider complementing your furniture with a statement piece to help change the whole mood. For example, IKEA’s multicolour, flat woven handmade rug is the perfect item that can instantly add uniqueness and style to your floor. Its braided texture helps create a homey, yet modern feel. Not only that, but it is made of 100% wool – a real investment here! Its stain resistant and resilient fabric makes it a luxury.

Modern Yet Minimal

You do not always have to stick to wooden floors and overly decorated rooms. Moving out of the box and giving your home a minimal vibe is not a bad idea at all! It is never wrong to go for simple tones if you feel that this is what works for you! However, it is always important to remember that a decorative piece can immediately transform the entire feel of a home. It is so easy to create an extra contrast by simply adding the low pile rug. A rug that is made from recycled PET bottles and that comes in four colours. It is the perfect decor option if you are looking to add some life to your home. Upgrading your home while protecting the environment: a win-win situation! This rug fits anywhere and can match with any furniture and flooring you have. Think subtle, think serene, think simple.

And lastly, think smart!

You should never forget to take the overall colour scheme of the room into consideration. When you have light floors, aim for delicate decor pieces to maintain the balance. Combining beige with light grey colours is ideal for warm, yet contemporary moods. Include the rug underlay with anti-slip, and you have yourself a complete home. The rug’s special material on the interior allows it to stay in place and not move. That means no injuries and easy vacuum – perfect for when you have kids too! It also keeps the floor safe against any scratches since the underlay collects gravel and dust. Not to forget, but it also makes the rug more comfortable and softer to walk on. Lastly, the underlay prevents the handmade knots from wearing out. Four whole different qualities in just one rug, can you believe it?

Finally, it is very important to know how to match your furniture with the flooring. The secret is: Contrast. Always make sure that you are balancing the tones in your home, and never forget to add that perfect little touch to upgrade your space!

Happy decorating!


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