Hacks for snacks, in case you love munching

Hacks for snacks, in case you love munching - IKEA Qatar

Whether you’re working, reading, having a get together with friends or watching TV, we all love munching, don’t we? So here is our list of quick hacks for snacks that can be made in no time and also taste delicious!

Chocolate dipped strawberries- All you need is chocolate and some fresh strawberries! Melt the chocolate in the microwave and let it sit for a few minutes. Then dip strawberries in the melted chocolate one by one and neatly line them in a tray covered with foil paper. Place the tray in the fridge for half an hour and voila! Your chocolate dipped strawberries are ready to be devoured.  You can serve these strawberries in lovely side plates from IKEA.

Milk and cereal bars- This one again is a two-ingredient quick recipe for your snack craving. You can put milk and your favourite cereal in popsicle containers, freeze them and your milky cereal popsicle is ready. Place them on a beautiful plate and let your kids attack it after coming home from school. It’s a perfect snack for the hot weather!

Cucumber Sandwich– This healthy treat is super easy to make with your choice of stuffing. Start by peeling the cucumber with a vegetable peeler. Then slice the cucumber into half vertically. Now, scoop out the seeds and dispose of them. Stuff the cucumber inside with some mustard and mayonnaise. Then layer it with chips or the meat of your choice and close the cucumber sandwich. Your healthy sandwich treat is ready!

Mixed Fruit Lollies- Thread your favourite fruits onto skewers. Line them in a tray and freeze them for 2 hours. You can use combinations such as black and green grapes or strawberries and pineapples. Now make a dip on the side with some sour cream, a spoonful of sugar and a few drops of lime juice. There you go! Your quick and healthy summer snack is ready!

Apple moons- This delicious treat can be made in no time. All you need is an apple, some peanut butter and granola. Slice the apples in crescent shapes. Spread peanut butter evenly on both the sides. Now lightly stick some granola on the peanut butter. You can finally top it with chocolate chips. Your kids are sure to love this treat, even you might want to eat most of them.

Sweet potato chips- For this mouth-watering yet healthy snack you will need sweet potatoes, cooking spray and some salt. Start with slicing the sweet potato evenly into thin slices. Then lay them evenly on a parchment paper on a tray. Drizzle some cooking spray on them. Then sprinkle some salt on the chips and put them in the microwave for about 3-4 minutes. You will see that the ends tend to get curled. Once out, let them cool down and then serve them in a beautiful bowl with a side of hummus.

So, we hope you liked our ideas for snacking. Go ahead and try these super easy hacks for snacks and place them on some lovely glassware from IKEA. The next play date you host for your kids, or the next impromptu gathering with friends is sure to be a hit!


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