Décor Trends 2019 - IKEA Qatar

We’re almost at the end of 2018 and, we think, it’s time to start looking ahead and planning for 2019. Just like a lot of us make personal resolutions for the New Year, it’s befitting that you make a few for your home too.

Whether you’re moving to a new home or renovating, here are some décor prediction that the design experts at IKEA have put together. Just remember, décor trends come and go, so don’t be surprised if you see a few overlaps.

  1. Colour is back!

    From pastels to deep hues, we’ve seen them all these last couple of years. 2019 is gearing up to be bold, with primary colours making a come-back. Dark blues, warm reds, oranges and purples, bright mustard and deep greens with contrasting bursts of black or white are set to be the coming trend. Think kitchens and bathrooms to try these colours out.

  2. Glorious wood

    We’ve all wanted the feel of wood under our feet at one time or the other. With 2019 trends though, wood isn’t just for floors and sofas. Bring it home with cabinets, kitchen islands, patio furniture, wall accessories and even ceilings. At IKEA, we strongly believe that you can’t go wrong with wood.

  3. Green power

    Living walls landed with a bang just a few years ago and their popularity hasn’t diminished one bit. The theory that living beings need to connect with the natural world and feel good by doing so means that this trend is definitely long-term. So, whether it’s fresh flowers in vases, indoor potted plants, vines taken over a trellis or even artificial plants, you should consider adding green into your home décor.

  4. Sustainability matters

    It’s heart-warming to see people striving to be more mindful of the environment. As this not-soon-enough trend continues, 2019 promises a marked shift toward sustainability – recycling, reusing and even upcycling. We can all play our parts by making little changes – switch from plastic to fabric shopping bags, get reusable water bottles, store food in glass jars, consider beeswax wraps that are reusable, for food. Remember, it’s all the little steps that contribute to that big change!

  5. Flexible furniture

    Keeping the availability of space and its affordability in mind, multi-purpose furniture is all set to be a hot trend in 2019. IKEA is committed to sustainability, affordability, and the idea of ‘smart’ furniture. We think multi-purpose furniture is the solution to small space issues. With functionality and style rolled into one, what’s not to like about this trend?


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