Living room furniture

Individual style elements to your living room

Rugs and Throws for living room

Your home is an extension of yourself and your living room is the first glimpse of your personality and décor choices that most visitors have when they come over.  Living rooms are the preferred area of choice for entertaining guests. However, it tends to be an area of activity even when the guests leave. You probably spend time here with your family, watching TV together, reading books or just bonding. Here are a few tips on how to give your living room the personal touch and add more character to it with minimum effort.

  1. Rugs and Throws

    Add warmth and just the right amount of cosy to your room with rugs and throws. Patterned rugs automatically add character to a room while throws are a necessity when it grows chilly. Choose throws in chunky cable knits or make it memorable with faux fur.

  2. Prints

    Colour and prints are a bit tricky therefore it’s always best to introduce it in small doses into a room. When it comes to your living room, opt for a patterned rocking chair or rug or even a print to accent the room with much needed colour.

  3. Extra Covers

    Re-upholstering couches can be a pain, therefore it’s best to opt for extra covers that can be removed and changes to give the room a new look every time. The plus point of this is that you can finally try on white covers on your sofas and armchairs without spending all your time worrying about staining it.

  4. Accessories

    Lamps, clocks, vases, photo frames and more add character to a room. Stick to a colour theme and express yourself with quirky choices. If it brings you joy, it is bound to bring others joy too.

  5. Statement Armchairs and seating

    It’s time you invested in your very own armchair. Think of it as one of your legacies. Opt for the traditional wing chairs and dress it up with cushions or throws.  You can upholster it in a conversational print to keep things interesting. Consider adding a cowhide pouf to your room which can act as extra seating or a footstool. The cowhide will give your room the right amount of Wild West vibe.


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