How to infuse your home with Hygge

All of us believe that our homes are our castles, but it is only in recent years that the idea of our home being infused with hygge has caught the popular imagination. How does one achieve that?

Well, we asked IKEA experts and they had a few suggestions. But first, let’s get the main question out of the way.

What is Hygge?

A Danish word, “hygge” – pronounced “hoo-gah” – has made a huge mark across the world, so much so that it was officially entered into the English dictionary in 2016. Although it translates roughly to “cosiness”, hygge essentially means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.

The word “hygge” has its origins in an Old Norse word, “hugga,” meaning “to comfort or console”, and is also the source for the English “hug.” That, in a nutshell, explains why Hygge is all about warmth, comfort, and closeness – all the feelings associated with a cosy, loving hug.

Basics of a Hygge Home

A hygge Home mainly requires a welcoming ambience and should encourage relaxation and a feeling of wellness. Remember: hygge is never about luxury; it is all about going back to the basics, slowing down, being with family and friends, and enjoying the simple life.

The lighting

One way of infusing all the rooms in your house with hygge is the lighting. Good lighting makes it easy to create restful spots in your house. We do need bright lights when we work, but when we relax, soft lighting and candles can work wonders.

In addition to bright lights, add soft ones around the house. If you can, switch to lights with dimmers; if not, make it a point to switch off, literally. Use tealights, tapered candles, and lighting chains to create a fairy-land.

Good memories

Hygge is also about family and happy times. Looking at pictures of loved ones or happy moments are sure-fire mood enhancers. What better way than to have mementos of happy times all around? Put up picture frames of family vacations or get-togethers on the walls.

Feel-good furniture

Make sure each room has its share of feel-good factors that allow you to relax. These can be small key items that allow you to feel the hygge. Comfy throws, warm pillows, soft cushions on your couch…all add to the hygge effect.

With these simple touches dotted around your home, you’ll find that you’re living the hygge life in no time at all!


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