Keep your kids engaged with these fun painting activities

So, you have energetic kids who get bored easily, or they are always looking for the next challenging thing to do. Coming up with things for them to do isn’t always easy for parents.

If you’re one of those, IKEA experts recommend these paint activities for children of varying ages. They will keep your tots occupied for a couple of hours at least, and you can do variations of them to suit the age of your child.

Where can you safely paint indoors?

Good question. Now, we know you probably don’t want the living room coffee table looking like a modern-art masterpiece (unless you do, in which case, good on you!). The kitchen is probably off-limits too, as will be most of the main walls of the primary rooms, and the balcony.

So what does that leave you with? Bathrooms. They’re the perfect place to let your kids’ creativity run wild! Not only are they private, but they’re also a space that’s dedicated to cleaning – which means messes can disappear as soon as they’re made!

With the right activities, you can even turn your kids’ art into masterpieces to show off to all and sundry. Give them the liberty of using the bathroom door as their canvas and watch the magic unfold.

Fun painting activities for all ages

Stained glass art with toilet rolls and poster paints

  • Dip the side of a toilet roll in black paint and press it onto your bathroom door to create pretty overlapping circles.
  • Then give your kids poster paints and let them color in every section in a different color.
  • You will have a wonderful piece of art reminiscent of European stained glasses ready to display.

Glass paints on glass surfaces

  • Glass paints are fairly easy to work with for older kids and can result in some stunning displays of creativity.
  • If your bathroom has glass elements, this could be where your little artist shines.

Watercolors in the bathtub

  • With smaller children, you’ve got to ensure the process of cleaning up gets as easy as possible. Our solution? Just tape a large sheet of paper above your bathtub. (IKEA has a big range of affordable stationery, check it out here!)
  • Then, get your little budding artists into the filled tub, give them a large set of watercolors and watch them go crazy creating patterns on the water!
  • Once they are done, all you have to do is switch on the shower and ta-da! All cleaned up!

Q-Tips and acrylic paints

  • An interesting effect can be brought to pictures if you paint them completely out of little even circles.
  • This effect is easily achieved with Q-Tips dipped in acrylic paint.
  • Show your kids a few examples online and then encourage them to get creative as they use the storage cabinet for a canvas.

Hope you manage to keep your children occupied with these simple activities!


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