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Ramadan Mubarak!

One of the most special times of the year, the Holy Month is a season to reflect, introspect and spend quality time with your loved ones. No other time fills one’s heart with as much contentment and devotion as this, and it is no surprise that Iftar is seen as a chance for communities to come together in celebration.

Around the Middle East, the time that surrounds Iftar is certainly filled with much anticipation and rejoicing as tables all around the neighbourhood start piling high with a variety of rich, delicious food that has been made with loads of love and affection.

So, if you’re planning to throw an Iftar party to share the joy and satisfaction of breaking your fast, the menu for the evening will be the first thing you get out of your way. But a feast fit for royalty will only be as striking as the serveware you present it on.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of Arabian-inspired serveware with the help of IKEA’s kitchen experts so you can have an impeccable and impressive Iftar.

1. Tiered Serving Stands

Perfect to display an assortment of dates and dry fruits, or even to artfully arrange sambouseks or baklava, tiered stands always add a touch of charm to the table.

Try and avoid the white porcelain stands that are overdone, and opt for IKEA’s new, Arab-inspired metallic ones instead to really create atmosphere.

2. Cake Stands

Tying in with your serving stand, a cake stand can be used to host more than just the traditional whole cake.

Get creative and use it to serve a whole grilled chicken or lamb, or use it as a base for a large bowl of salad.

3. Ornate Trays

A super convenient addition to the humble tray, handles make it effortless when guests need food passed around.

An ornate, Arabian-inspired tray is perfect for serving grilled meat, kebabs or pies.

You can even use it to serve desserts like knafeh or halva.

4. Cups and Saucers

What’s an Iftar if you don’t have that essential Middle Eastern beverage: Kahwa?

Invest in a beautiful set of cups and saucers this season and have your guests ooh and aah at your Iftar parties for years to come.

5. Place Mats

An underrated, unappreciated, yet oh-so-important element at your dining table, placemats can really add to the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Remember to use colours and prints that complement your serveware to achieve that perfectly polished look.

With these 5 simple essentials, you’re now all set to impress your guests this Holy Month. Stay tuned for more Ramadan features!


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