How lamp shades can light up your house. Say bye to dull evenings

How lamp shades can light up your house - IKEA Qatar

Lamp shades are often overlooked as a design accessory in a room. However, they are more than just that. They not only enhance the beauty of the room with their good looks but also illuminate it with their soft light. You can incorporate them in different areas of your home and say bye to dull evenings!

Things to keep in mind while choosing the right one for your home:

Height- The first rule to remember when selecting a lamp shade is that it should be two-third the size of the base. A bit too large or small will make it look strange. Also, make sure that it covers the bulb and all the wires around it.

Shape-Generally, the shape of the shade should match the base. If your base is round, go for a round shaped shade. However, there are exceptions. A candlestick lamp can look good with any shape of shade placed on it.

Colour-  If you want to use a lamp shade for functionality, then go for translucent shades. For maximum illumination, all-white coloured lamp shades are the best option. However, if you want to use them as a décor accessory, then you can go for dark shades. The NYMÖ (black, copper-brown) lamp shade is a great buy if you have a dark shade on your mind. It is classy and not as expensive as it looks.

Different ways in which you can use them to light up your house.

Lamp shades can be utilized in any area of your home, be it your bedroom or basement. You must get creative with it. These days, many designers are adding pendant lamp shades over unconventional areas to make them the focal point of the room. Even you can do that. Place small lamps in a dark passage or a pendant drum lamp shade over a dark corner. It can become your cozy reading corner.

Make a note of your space. Depending on the size, you can add combinations of floor and table lamps to bring light into the room and at the same time add some drama to it. Mix and match the colours of the shades as per the colour scheme of your room. It makes the room look appealing. You could have same shade bedside lamps but an eclectic floor lamp shade next to the couch matching with the pillows.

You could also have different lamps but follow the same colour scheme for shades in the room. Together the floor and table lamps would brighten up your room just enough for family time in the evenings. Lastly, remember that just a single source of light from the ceiling, in the centre of the room, cannot light it up. Use a variety of lamp shades around your room to spread the focus around the entire room. And finally, say bye to dull evenings!


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