Learn the Fundamentals of Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting - IKEA Qatar

Recessed lights, also known as Downlights, are lights installed above the ceiling line. They create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, giving rooms a more clean, elegant and contemporary look.

Light It Up!

  • Recessed lights work great as task lights where more attention to detail is needed. They reduce glare and are sufficient for areas that only require ceiling lights.
  • Check out IKEA’s expansive range to create an excellent aesthetic enhancement if you want a spotlight on a certain object or area.
  • These lights are perfect for entryways, living areas, bedrooms, above kitchen counters or kitchen islands, shower stalls, home movie theatres, or even as lighting enhancements for cupboards.

The Beauty of It All

  • Integrated lighting is preferred mostly due to its look – or lack thereof.
  • The beauty of it is that no light fixtures will be visible and they do not obstruct views.
  • They’re good for low ceilings and cover the entire room when arrayed correctly.
  • Also, using wall-washing recessed lighting fixtures makes a room feel bigger!

The back-end

  • The housing (a part of a fixture containing all the little electrical bits and pieces, often unseen due to being in a wall or ceiling) is the main component of a recessed light apart from the visible parts – the Trim, that fits flat onto the ceiling, and the Baffle, the part that helps reflect and direct the light.
  • There are two types of housing you can pick between –
    • New Construction Housing – much larger than a remodel housing and used when installing a light in a new house.
    • Remodel Housing – much slimmer than a new construction housing, used where there is limited space or while remodeling.

Get It On

Here are some things to consider to help light up your spaces: –

  • Is your ceiling insulated or not? Due to heat generated by lights, it can become a fire hazard if heat builds up. Make sure the lights are not in close contact with any insulation.
  • Use centre recessed light fixtures in front of objects such as paintings and other things you want to light.
  • Statement pieces such as a fireplace or sculpture can be lighted from different angles.
  • Avoid placing these lights close together or in rows down the center of a room as this might give your otherwise homely space a commercial look.
  • Pick your style with IKEA’s range of world-class products! We have everything from open trims to eyeball, wall-wash, slope, slotted, lensed and decorative trims available.

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