Kid's Room

Children in the age group of 8 to 12 spend a lot of time in their room, whether for playing, working or sleeping. We at IKEA believe that their special space should be a reflection of their true personalities. What better way to let the décor speak for them than to get them involved?

Here are some ways in which you can ensure they become the real master of their spaces.

  1. Find out what your child’s favorite colour is.

    Then, incorporate it into the room’s décor. Specific interests he or she has, like painting, animals, the solar system, etc., can also help influence the theme. If your daughter loves nature, you can decorate with bright paint or wall paper with plant patterns or birds. Or turn the walls into an aquarium and place an aquamarine rug at the center of the room. The possibilities are endless when you involve the kids.

  2. Select a mattress and a bed that can grow with your child.

    IKEA’s collection of extendible beds is perfect for those growing years. And they’re stylish and affordable to boot. Consider loft bed frames to up the style quotient and free up floor space for a work desk or wardrobe. This option is especially handy if you want to leverage a small room or even make a big room appear larger.

  3. The key to a successful kids’ bedroom is clever storage.

    Make storage fun by letting children have a place into which everything goes. Get them involved in the colour scheme and picking out practical, accessible and easy-to-use storage solutions from our vast range. This will encourage them to take pride in being organised and tidy. You could even consider an underbed with storage that can easily be moved around if your child fancies a little rejuggling of the room.

  4. We can’t stress the importance of right lighting

    Whether for reading, dressing up, playing or sleeping, IKEA’s lighting for children is designed to put the fun in functional. A bedside table lamp is perfect for young ones who are learning to read with their parents before bedtime. Ceiling pendant lights or wall lights ensure kids won’t trip over wires and remain away from prying fingers. LED or festoon lights are a must in every kids’ room too. They bring that magical and playful element that is sure to fuel their imagination.


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