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Gaming Room Tips - IKEA Qatar

Basic gaming rooms are a big no for us! Whether you only have a small space for your gaming set up, or have an entire room for it, we have the right solutions to help you create a gaming space that will blow your mind! Now it is time to level up your gaming room and create the perfect gaming setup with sharp-looking, functional furniture and accessories. And we start:

Step 1: Invest in A Gaming Chair

Always, always, always invest in a gaming chair that will offer your whole body support and will include neck and armrests for you to sit really comfortably when the game begins. This is because you will be spending prolonged hours on that chair and you would not want to experience back pain after standing up. Afterall, sitting on an ideal gaming chair will help you remain at the top of your game!

Step 2: Have A Gaming Desk

You can find gaming desks that come in different sizes to suit your needs and space, yet we always recommend that you include a gaming desk in your set up to help you perform at your best! You can also choose a desk that is adjustable so that you always enjoy the optimal position during the match.

Step 3: Include Useful Accessories

To play your best, it is important that you only keep essential objects at your desk so that it does not become to crowded and messy. However, we do advise you to include functional accessories that will enhance your gaming experience! For instance, you can add a accessories stand that will take care of your cables, headsets and other gadgets that you want tidied away, yet still have within reach. You can also place a mug holder to keep your drink close to you and away from all the gadgets!

Step 4: Light Up Your Game Room

Finally, set the mood for your game nights with the right lighting! You can easily elevate your gaming experience with decorative lights that will allow you to immerse into a different world, focus on your performance, set the right vibe for you! Sky lights, laser lights, projection lights, and LED light are all options you can choose from. Just decide on the right one for you!

Now you have it! It is time for you to level up your gaming area and make your gaming experience and unforgettable one! Let the games begin!

Happy decorating!


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