If you’re a makeup enthusiast, you already know how important it is to have the right lighting while applying different products. The last thing you want is to step outside a badly lit bathroom into glorious, natural daylight and see that the look you took a whole hour to perfect actually makes you seem overly bronzed and splotchy.

So, what’s the best light to do your makeup under? And what exactly do different lighting positions do? Read on to find out!

Natural White Light

If natural light isn’t available while doing your makeup, this is the next best thing. Experts recommend not using a wattage above 60-70 or else it gets too bright and washed out, and you risk applying too much.

Yellow, Rose or Fluorescent Lights

Yellow lights make you look sallow and pale, and while that’s great for hiding dark circles, it’s not ideal for determining how much under-eye concealer you need.

Rose lighting warms up your skin and gives you a glow but, once again, gives you no idea of how much product to apply. It also changes the color of most of your products, so you will have no clue what your final look is until you step outside.

Fluorescent lighting is the absolute worst – it enhances every imperfection and usually ends with you using far more product than you need to.

Position Your Lighting

A crucial tip to make sure you have the right lighting while applying makeup is ensuring that your lighting isn’t overhead. This casts shadows on your face and gives you the impression that you need more product than you actually do.

Your lighting should mimic natural daylight, which lights up your face evenly from all sides. The best way to achieve this is to have the source of light in front of your face.

Consider getting LED mirrors from IKEA, or wall lamps that can be positioned on all four sides of your mirror. These are perfect options if you’re looking for a quick fix to your current lighting situation.

Always remember that natural light is your best friend. So, if you can avoid artificial lights altogether and step in front of an open window when the sun is bright enough to light up your face, you have the ideal set-up to achieve that beautifully made-up face.


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