At IKEA, we are very concerned about protecting the environment around us and are always looking for ways to make our business sustainable and environmentally friendly. And you should do the same with your house! If each of us does something small to help the environment and make our lives greener, it will all end up with a much bigger impact overall.

So here are a few simple – and always affordable – tips to make your home greener and more sustainable!

Go LED for all of your lightings

A light-emitting diode (LED) is one of the most economical ways of lighting. LED lights use about 85% less electricity than a normal bulb, which is called an incandescent light. Remember being frustrated with your regular bulbs regularly going dark because the filament overheated? Well, LED lights are better there too: their lifespan is nearly 20 times that of a regular incandescent bulb, and LED bulbs can be inserted into any kind of lamp you already have.

We made the decision, at IKEA, to switch all our lighting to LED back in 2016, and we encourage you to switch to LED too.

Cook with induction and pressure

A lot of heat is wasted while you’re cooking at a normal gas stove or hob – this is why, if you’re preparing a large meal, the whole kitchen sometimes feels like a sauna! With induction cooking, you waste a lot less heat, which is quite beneficial in the long run. Another way to save is by using a pressure cooker, which also saves you time as well as energy.

Better electrical equipment

Did you know that a lot of older equipment, including refrigerators and ovens, tend to use way more electricity than modern ones? Yes, replacing everything in your house may not be very budget-friendly, but you can start with replacing one or two large pieces of equipment and watch your electricity expenditure magically drop!

Reduce water

This sounds like a no-brainer, but its importance cannot be stressed enough! Save as much water as possible – this is one of the major ways to contribute to a more sustainable home. While a lot of water saving can be done by just monitoring how much you and your family use and trying to reduce it, there are also technical solutions. One of the simplest is perhaps to replace old taps in your house with IKEA’s water-saving ones, which use an inbuilt aerator to reduce the amount of water without reducing the pressure.

So go ahead, start your green journey today!


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