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In today’s world, where each additional square foot adds to your rent or purchase value, space is at a premium. But small spaces do not necessarily mean sacrificing your comfort.

Our team at IKEA are experts in making the most out of limited space. Walk through our bedroom mock-ups for numerous ideas on how to make your small bedroom a veritable luxury corner.

If you can’t, then our team has put up a few pointers for you.

  1. White works

    For a light and airy look, opt for white walls, windows, and bed frames.

    Add layers and dimension with a subtle pattern and neutral accents – such as white cotton sheets, a white linen duvet, and a neutral quilted throw to achieve a layered look.

  2. Headboard happiness

    You don’t need an oversized headboard; choose a skinnier, shorter one, and use the wall space to showcase your favourite art piece or photographs.

    You could also customise your headboard with floating shelves to store your favourite books and knick-knacks.

  3. Lofty ideals

    If you’re short of space or would like to increase your leisure or work areas, loft beds are an excellent option, provided you do not mind climbing into your bed, literally.

    Use the space beneath to create either a work station or a cosy reading nook or leisure place. Place it by the window so you can look out from your bed while freeing up the light coming in during the day.

    Daybeds or sofas that can be pulled out to be double beds are other great options available if you live in a studio apartment, as are worktables that double up as dressing tables.

  4. Under-bed utility

    If you are not one for heights, all is not lost; you could opt for beds that come with under-bed storage or pull-out drawers.

    Alternatively, you could use flat, stackable boxes, which come in a variety of colours and designs, to store your winter linens under your bed.

    If you want to store clothes you don’t wear frequently; we recommend storing them in vacuum-sealed bags.

  5. Let there be (wall-mounted) lights

    Our designers at IKEA understand that not all of us have the luxury of space. That’s why we have a wide range of lamps that can be mounted on a wall or from ceilings.

    You can also explore our range of clamp spotlights that can be attached to your headboard.


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