Too many chefs do not always spoil the broth. Let the invitees cook with you for a change

Too many chefs do not always spoil the broth. Let the invitees cook with you for a change - IKEA Qatar

Hosting the perfect dinner party at home is no easy task. You need to prepare days in advance and keep a check on a lot of things like the theme of the party, food, drinks, music, crockery, home décor, toiletries and other knickknacks. Apart from that, you want to spend quality time with your guests and make them have a memorable evening.

But how is that possible if you are racing against the clock, making everything you had thought about for this dinner party, and the guests have already arrived. Well, why not let them join you in the kitchen and cook with you for a change?

What can be better than a bunch of your favourite people cooking some great food in your kitchen and later eating together over some great conversations! Love the very thought of it, isn’t it?

So, here are some tips to help you in the organizing such a dinner party-

  1. Pick the recipes you want to cook with everyone in advance. Source the ingredients for the same and keep them handy before everyone comes in.
  2. Make sure to have all the necessary cooking tools. This is highly important because you don’t want your guests having a tough time cooking. Above all, you want this to be a fun experience and not a tedious one. IKEA has some great kitchen tools that are not only good in quality but are also affordable in price. IKEA 365+ has some excellent kitchen equipment; you must look at, it is sure to impress you!
  3. Make sure your kitchen is warm, inviting and comfortable. Place a few vases with fresh flowers or plants near the window, a few decorative items and some beautiful pots and pans to make your kitchen look and feel like the heart of your home.
  4. Prepare some finger food in advance. So, if your guests get hungry while cooking, they can eat while cooking the main course.
  5. Keep good music in the background, so this can be a therapeutic experience for everyone.

Lastly, start off early. You can start in the afternoon and then relax and enjoy the dinner everyone prepared together. This way, it will be a great weekend filled with lots of fun, great food, laughter, and non-stop chatter!


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