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Ever admired a piece of modern furniture for its “retro” feel? Or been taken in by the simple, elegant lines of a building? You might have just stumbled upon the essence of the aesthetic known as ‘mid-century modern’.

Formed in a post-WWII landscape, this style refers to much more than interior design. It incorporates trends in architecture, technology and materials that became popular between the 1940s and 1960s.

Given its post-war history, it’s no surprise mid-century modern celebrates simplicity and functionality, along with a wide palette of colours and strong ties with nature. According to our IKEA experts, a mid-century modern trend is all about three key features.

1. Simplicity is the Star

Planning to design your home with a mid-century modern aesthetic? Then make sure to feature a lot of clean lines, geometric shapes and multi-functional furniture.

Look for simple, statement pieces that really speak to utility and minimalism – items that are modern, simple and uncluttering.

Don’t be afraid to let negative space be the star in your home – it’s an important part of achieving this chic look.

And last but not least? Absolutely no elaborate ornamentation or frilly decorations, please.

2. Pops of Colour

The simplicity that’s the start of this particular style needs something to liven it up. And what better way to pick yourself up from the drab, grey years of war than to liven your homes with bright shades of happy colours?

That’s why bright colours like red, blue and citron work really well with a mid-century modern décor style.

Remember to stick to just one bright colour though, and pair it with neutral hues. Putting more than one vibrant hue in the same space can cause clashes that will completely destroy the subtle retro vibe you’re hoping to create.

3. Connect with Nature

Designers looking at sustainable ideas find themselves drawn to mid-century modern for one big reason. All the materials that characterise this look – think wood, leather and cotton textiles – lend themselves to a natural, sustainable aesthetic.

The important thing is to have an element that really connects your space with the outdoors – large drape-free windows are a common way to achieve this, as are indoor plants and other greenery.

Its enduring appeal of clean lines and modern touches is why mid-century modern is making a huge comeback today – and for good reason. And it’s no big surprise that IKEA’s designers have always loved this style! What do you think?


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