Must Read Before Choosing Dining Table

perfect dining table choice

Far from being just a piece of furniture, a dining table has to be special and unique as it is all about sharing food, laughter, stories and dreams. A dining table is the centre of our daily activities, right from the time we gather around it for our morning coffee, till late hours of discussions in the evening before wrapping up the day and its events.

Choosing a table for your dining nook has never been an easy task. There is nothing that can be called as the most perfect dining table in the world. However, a quick checklist is what you need to run through, when you decide to bring home that near perfect table for your breakfast corner:

As tough as it gets: Sturdiness and toughness should be on top of your list when you head out to choose a dining table. A table has to be strong and durable enough to last for years and should be far from being wobbly and rickety. Before you buy, test the table for stability and strength.

Measurement & planning is the key: To avoid the regrets and confusion later, it is important to do a few quick measurements before deciding on a table for your dining area. Take a measuring tape and measure the area around. Your table should fit in that area with a lot of free space left between the table and the wall. Ideally this space should be close to 44 – 48” so that the room doesn’t look overcrowded.

2, 4, 6 and a little extra: Deciding on the number of seats is an important decision that depends on many factors. For a small family, a four seat table is sufficient. But if you are used to hosting large gatherings then your needs would be different. In a space crunched room where large tables can’t be accommodated, you can opt for expandable or drop-leaf tables that comes handy during weekends while hosting that large dinner party.

Where dreams take shape: Yes, shapes are important when it comes to choosing a dining table. The shape actually depends on the shape and size of your room and also the usage of the table. Rectangular is the classic shape though it occupies more space in a room. Round and oval are the space saving shapes that definitely look eye-catching. However, large round tables make it slightly tough for diners to reach for food kept in the centre. A lazy Susan can be used in such cases that revolves on the table and makes the food easily accessible to all.

Apart from the given key points, your furniture budget, existing room décor and choice of material also plays a crucial role while selecting a dining table for your cosy nook. So, a little planning and a few carefully chosen facts can help you pick that perfect table where your favourite people would love to hang around even after the meals!!


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