You’ll never feel homesick after reading this!

You’ll never feel homesick after reading this! IKEA Qatar

Moving to a new country is quite a challenge. Meeting new people, making new friends, settling into a new environment and getting yourself to start liking this new place can be tough. Slowly but surely, you do start liking it but in the meantime, how to make this new country a home away from home?

The first thing that you should do is take care of your meals. It plays a significant role in reducing homesickness. When you have a simple homemade meal in this new country, it will lift your spirits up majorly. Even if this may involve you sitting on the floor amongst unpacked boxes.

What most people do when they shift to a new city or country is have frozen or takeaway meals. We can’t stress enough on the negative effects of both. Buy fresh ingredients, take recipes of your favourite meal back home from your mother, and make it here. Sounds like a lot to do after a tiring day at work? Believe us; it is not. With the right ingredients and utensils, you can cook your favourite meal back home in this new home.

Tips to cook your favourite meal back home

Understand the recipe correctly

Yes, you don’t have the time. But you must read the recipe before starting out. This way you will have a chance to do other things while something is getting prepared.

Right tools

The primary tool you need in any form of cooking is a sharp knife. Apart from that, it goes without saying that you need the right tools to not waste time in cooking and getting done fast. Your meal will also turn out great by using the right tools.

Don’t be afraid to taste

Please don’t be afraid and taste what you are making. Yes, it won’t be as good as your mum or Nigella for that matter, but at least you are trying. You deserve a pat on your back for just that. And we guarantee, you will become better and better with practice. No one is born with great cooking skills. You develop them with practice along the way.

Use tongs and don’t burn your fingers

The uses of tongs are endless. So, use it as an extension of your hand and don’t burn your fingers.

Stock your fridge over the weekend

Stock your fridge with all the necessary ingredients over the weekend. This way you won’t have to run out for one odd ingredient. Make lists of pantry, refrigerator, freezer and spices and condiments and buy accordingly. Nothing like a well-stocked kitchen when cooking.

Last but not the least, remember cooking is a therapeutic experience. So, let it melt away all your troubles and have fun cooking your favourite meal. Don’t forget to send a pic of your dish to your loved ones back home. They will be happy to see you coping well in the new environment and feeling a tad bit less homesick!


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