Organise Your Child’s Room With Storage System

storage organiser unit

Left to themselves, children would live with all their books, toys, games and clothes scattered in a giant mess all around their room. But along with the other little life lessons that we teach them, it is important that we encourage them to keep their things organized. The best way to do this is to put in place simple and easy-to-use storage systems in their room that help them remember to put away their items promptly.

A storage solution for a child could be any combination of – drawers with varying depths, a grid of open shelves for often used items, and wall cabinets with doors for larger toys and games. Wall frames into which you can slide plastic bins can help in keeping a multitude of items organized. Also add on a child-sized wardrobe for clothes and a chest of drawers for accessories.

Pieces that suit the child’s height will be easier to reach into, pull out or put away things. Storage furniture should be of sturdy design, in primary colors or soft hues that work with the room’s décor, have safely rounded edges and corners, and doors and drawers that close gently.

An important factor when investing in storage for the child is that it should be flexible enough to work for the children as they grow. The shelves of a storage cabinet should be adjustable to house toys of different sizes. You should be able to stack drawer and shelving units once the child grows taller and can reach up higher. For toys you could try installing an array of pull-out boxes or bins. Start with a basic frame with slots that can accommodate either plain shelves or roomy baskets, and add these on as and when required.

Pick pieces of furniture that have storage included, like loft beds with storage, desks and workstations with drawers and cabinets, benches with pull-out storage etc. Once you have the main structure in place, add on smaller storage options like wall shelves, multi-pocket bags, lidded boxes or crates, floor baskets, wall hooks and knobs, and hanging mesh organizers.


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