How to Organize Your Pantry Shelves

Storage Shelves System

Pantries are essential for every home, as they help you organize and put away those beverages, food, cleaning products, dishes, and literally everything you need in the same space. Pantries offer you plenty of room to store and visualize the products you have at home, and talking about food, they help to create less food waste.

Either if you have a walk-in pantry or a cabinet space, this place can be one of the most useful in your kitchen, so managing the organization of your shelves is a life hack that will ease your lifestyle.

Check out these tips that will help you organize your pantry shelves!

Still need extra space?

The first step to organizing your pantry is, of course, having a pantry. If you don’t have a walk-in pantry at home, don’t worry. There are many cabinets that can perfectly work as pantries and can be placed in any empty space you have at home.

There are different types of materials and sizes, and the interesting part is that they are perfectly adaptable to your needs. Having a storage shelves system is essential, and you can separate them into sections and add as many shelves as you need.

The art of organizing

You might be wondering how to organize a pantry, and the key product you will need is food containers. Finding lightweight, stackable, and transparent containers is indispensable to ease the process of storing food that can be reachable and visualized in a quick way.

These food containers should include lids, and you can have as many sizes and shapes as you need to cover your needs. Also, dry food jars are a perfect addition as, usually, they also come with lids that can be easily opened to pour in an effortless way.

Dry food jars help to avoid unwanted pests and keep the freshness of food. When transferring uncooked pasta, flour, sugar, grains, cereals, and any other dry food to these types of containers, you are extending the life of these products.

Glass containers are recommended for their durability, longevity, and ability to be recycled, taking into consideration that glass doesn’t leach toxins into the food.

Save space

Saving space in a pantry is fundamental, so try to think in advance about how you want your organizers and containers to fit together. Using flat and rectangular containers is most likely the best option because they allow you to store more products on the same shelf, taking up less space.

Focus on functionality

Having containers with complicated lids can become a catastrophe. Remember that kids are always around the pantry area, so you don’t want them to make a mess when trying to pour their favorite cereal. Looking for functional organizers is vital, and having pop or flip-up lids is the most accurate option for you.

As we mentioned before, transparency is a must, as you won’t want to waste your time looking for minutes for that specific product between the shelves of your pantry. Also, you can track those things that should be replenished soon and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Categorize your products

To have an organized pantry, categorizing your products will help you to understand where everything is located. Keeping similar products next to each other will ease your search, so try to categorize your products into condiments, baking essentials, and snacks and group them by their similarities.

Use labels

Even if you decide to bring transparent containers, adding labels to them is an extra effort that will help you to easily find whatever you are looking for. It is a time-saving hack that will keep your pantry well organized (and visually satisfying).

Labels are easy to add and replace, and it is a smart way to always keep track of the content of your jars.

It is normal that, after some time, your pantry can become a bit messy and disorganized, but trying your best to maintain the order of the space will make the cleaning process easier. Giving a quick look every now and then and keeping track of what is missing and what should be reorganized will save you time and effort.


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