Organize Your Wardrobe Based on Your Style

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Wardrobes are probably the most difficult to keep organized, especially if you are the undecisive type and do not have the patience to return your clothes exactly to the way they were. We do not blame you though! Fortunately, there are ways you can help keep your wardrobe need and tidy. It just requires a little bit of effort, but anyone can do it!

Firstly, Choose the Right Wardrobe

It is essential to choose a wardrobe that best suits your needs. Do you have too many shoes and little jeans? Or vice versa? You should always look at what clothing items you have before purchasing a closet. However, we always recommend you go for a wardrobe with drawers and doors to maximize storage space and tidiness.

Organize Your Clothing by Type

Instead of just placing your clothes anywhere in your closet, organize them depending on their type. That is, have different sections for different types of clothing. For instance, you can hang your work apparel and formal wear in one place and fold your t-shirts and jeans in another

Also, always make sure to stack up on hangers – you can never have too many!

Separate Your Clothes by Color

If you are the type of person who likes things color-coded, then you might as well sort your clothes according to their color! Place your shirts from lightest to darkest. You can also do that for your dresses and skirts! We are positive it would look great and you will easily get to choose you outfit depending on your mood.

Use Your Wardrobe’s Vertical Space

This tip is directed, but not limited, to those of you who have limited wardrobe space. When you have too many clothing items, it can be hard to fit them all into one space. For that reason, you can use the areas below and above your clothing rack to store items like your accessories, lingerie, etc.… How to do so you say? You can simply use boxes with lids which are very practical. Their size is ideal for storing everything from clothes to cables. Also, it would be beneficial to label the boxes, so you never get mixed up!

Use Hooks & Dividers

If you feel like you have enough wall space in you closet, you can use hooks to hand items such as belts, scarves, or even jewelry. On top of that, you can use dividers in drawers to separate your different belongings. That way, they would look neater and you will be able to easily access them.

Keep your Shoes Organized

When you have too many shoes, it could get disorganized. You can neatly place your shoes in their boxes if you enjoy a clean, neat wardrobe look. Another option would be to add a shoe rack at the bottom of your wardrobe and place your shoes in order according to how often you wear them.

These are our tips on organizing your closet space! Never forget that in case you have some clothes that you do not wear anymore, donation is always an option.

Happy Organizing!


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