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When it comes to decorating kids’ bedrooms, there is no limit to the creativity and fun that you can have. At IKEA, we believe in encouraging creativity, especially in children!

A child’s room is the one place where both you and your little one can indulge in artistic freedom. For many, walls are the most exciting part of a room to decorate – each wall is a huge canvas waiting to be filled with colour and designs.

Follow these simple tips to decorate the dream room for your child.



Find out what the kids have in mind for their rooms. Get their opinions on things like colour themes and motifs, like cars or butterflies, for example.

We suggest that you involve them in choosing the furniture and accessories as well. This not only guarantees that they will love their room, but that the both of you get to make a fun activity out of it!


Instead of buying art or posters for the room, consider framing drawings made by your kids. Buy a couple of frames in similar designs and varying sizes, to showcase your children’s art, and create a collage on the wall.

These pieces can easily be replaced with newer drawings or you can just keep adding to it, till you have a full wall. This is a great way to encourage creativity and to create a picture wall that will hold precious memories even after they’ve grown older.



Instead of leaving things lying around, get some wall storage in place, so your kids have areas at the right height – and this will add functionality to the walls too.

IKEA’s range of colourful and easy-to-use storage options for kids will encourage tidy habits from an early age. By making storage attractive and simple, your children will be more enthusiastic about putting their toys away.



Dedicate a corner of the room to your child’s favourite activities. This could be an artist’s corner outfitted with art supplies and a pegboard, with a comfortable rug or desk under it. Or you can set up a cosy reading corner, with a small, comfortable sofa and a bookshelf full of their favourite books and toys.

This will encourage them to put away their games and phones, at least for a while, and instead have some good old offline fun. IKEA’s children’s furniture and storage ranges are sure to have everything you need to create a child-friendly and safe dream bedroom.


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