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Work from Home: What everyone has been obsessing about. All companies around the world have allowed its employees to work from home because of the pandemic, however this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, whether COVID-19 decides to leave us or not!

Many of you enjoyed working from the comfort of your home, but that did not apply to all of you. We know what most of you were thinking after your endless calls and never-ending projects: “My back hurts!”, “I am not comfortable!”, & “There is no space!”. We get you! That is why we thought that it is about time you recreate your home office and make it so comfortable to the point where you have nothing to complain about! Here are our tips & tricks:

– A Comfortable Chair Before Anything Else

A comfortable chair is the core of any home office. On a typical working day at home, you spend most of your time sitting down. Therefore, constant back pain is not the right way to go! Choosing the right office chair can be difficult, but we advise you to seek chairs that offer back, arm, and thigh support. Also, we want you to pick the right material that suits your liking. Lastly, you can never go wrong with a soft, plush pillow. Once you find the right office chair, everything else will flow naturally! But make sure it does not make you fall asleep!

– Organize, Organize, & Organize

When your desk is flooded with papers, pens, and other gadgets it may be extremely difficult to focus and work efficiently. You might misplace important material for work and spend hours looking it only to find it underneath the lunch plate you ate from the day before. Time is money, and for that reason we recommend you add a storage unit with a smart lock near your desk to avoid wasting time. This will help you organize all your files into one space and will prevent them from getting lost. The smart lock will keep your work material safe too, so you do not have to worry from your child using the

– Add A Little Greenery

Adding a few plants to your office can help boost your mood and reduce your stress! You can choose to add them on your desk, or next to your office chair. In fact, according to The Guardian Newspaper, houseplants made employees 15% more productive. It is also nice to keep in mind two things when you are choosing what plant to buy. Firstly, make sure that the plant does not require a lot of time and effort to maintain, and second, make sure that that plant enhances the air quality.

These are just a few tips on how you can upgrade your home office and turn it into a productive space! It can be a hassle at first, but when you invest in your office, you are investing in yourself and your own comfort and happiness.

Happy redecorating!


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