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We all look forward to retiring to our bedroom at the end of a long and tiring day. A personal sanctuary, your bedroom is the one place that you should feel indulged in.
And at IKEA, we believe in being indulgent, which is why our bedroom range is so vast! But your bedroom is never quite complete without some absolute essentials.
Here is our list of 5 must-have pieces of décor for every bedroom.

  1. Bed-sheets count

    Since we spend one third of our lives in bed, it’s vital that the bed linen you choose is first-class. Good quality bed-sheets, with a thread count between 200 to 800, with a lovely print or in a vibrant colour, are essential.
    Bed-sheets are also a great way to stamp your signature style onto your bedroom. Whether it’s with floral patterns, solid colours or geometric shapes, these accessories make a room truly yours!

  2. Enlighten your room

    IKEA recommends that your bedroom should have at least two to three lighting options, since one simple overhead light, while necessary, but pretty boring.
    Choose lighting according to your activities. A cute bedside lamp for your night-time reading or a statement lamp over your dresser are some great ways to enhance the mood and accessorise your room as well.

  3. Rugged love

    Having a rug at the foot of your bed – or even one on both sides – is great. These simple items are often thought to be a luxury, but the addition of a colourful rug can not only brighten up the room, it also makes the space warmer and more homey.
    You can make it a focal point by choosing a funky, bright rug or go for a simple, solid colour that subtly enhances the look of the room.

  4. Cushions galore

    Adding on a few extra pillows and cushions is a great way to add to the air of comfort you want to achieve in your bedroom. Also, this is a great way to add to the overall theme of the room via the colour or designs you choose.
    IKEA has a tempting range of pillows and cushions in a host of different sizes, patterns and colours, so go ahead, take your pick!

  5. Personalised elements

    A picture of the family or a painting of sentimental value are accessories that can give a personal touch to any room. Remember: personal items and knick-knacks you’ve fallen in love with are the best way to personalise your sanctuary.
    So go ahead, make your bedroom a space that relaxes and calms you, the one spot that’s truly yours, forever.


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