Safety in the Bedroom

cute baby cot

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that from time to time, every child is prone to the odd disaster. It drives you crazy in the moment and then later you can look back on it and smile. But it doesn’t hide the fact that it’s vital to take every possible precaution to ensure that your child’s bedroom is as safe as it can be. After all, the safety of your children is second to nothing. Let’s cover the various elements that fit into your child’s bedroom:
From cradle to cot, ensure that the furniture conforms to predefined safety norms. Check the spacing between the bars, make sure the cot is deep enough and doesn’t have cut-outs or steps.

Use lead free paints in the room, which is a healthier option and ensure that there are no stickers on the cot which can possibly be a choking hazard.

Place the cot appropriately to keep it away from direct sunlight, heat and cold.

As your child grows older, remove any hanging distractions like mobiles and toys which could lead to accidents.

Pick a quality mattress that is firm to ensure your child is comfortable and warm when they sleep.

Double check the curtains & blinds chords on the windows, making sure they’re out of the reach of children and in no position to cause harm.

Secure wardrobes and shelves so there’s no chance of them falling over and hurting someone.

Pay attention to your child’s clothes and accessories too, ensuring they’re hung and placed in safe locations.

Your child’s bedroom is the one room that has been specially designed for them. They need to enjoy being in the room. As they grow, they’re levels of safety tend to decline which means they’re more prone to a mishap or two.

Children can end up doing amazing things and as a parent it’s important to understand the change that takes over them as they grow. Babies tend to be more static and can’t do as much harm, however toddlers & younger children on the other hand are more curious and tend to explore more. As a parent it’s important to plan and prepare well.  Because when it comes to safety, there can be no loose ends!


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