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Winter is great, and so is the holiday season. However, as the year moves forward, we’re getting excited about spring! Whether you’re sharing your spring space with your family or riding solo, it’s never too early to start brainstorming those spring décor ideas.

So, let’s spring into action with some thoughts from our experts here at IKEA.

  1. Patterns and Textures

    The look and feel of new-textures brings a renewed sense of freshness into your bedroom, especially after the winter chill.

    Linen-upholstered headboards are great if you want a statement piece in the room. If you aren’t really going for a massive makeover, try changing up the textiles with patterns and seasonal fabrics.

    Darker curtains can be changed to brighter colours, such as pastel yellow or even white.

  2. Fresh Flowers

    Spring is always associated with everything fresh and green, and that means it’s high time you bring nature indoors.

    Floral arrangements in vases beside the bed or on the side tables will make the room smell divine. If you don’t want actual flowers, think about incorporating flowery paintings or even floral prints on textiles.

  3. Go Au Natural

    Speaking of all things natural, how about replacing those heavy nightstands with natural materials? A wooden nightstand adorned with natural plants and pieces you find on your nature walks is a superb – and environmentally friendly – addition.

    IKEA also recommends bamboo baskets, or even handwoven baskets, for your items and knickknacks. This will help bring the whole aesthetic of spring and nature into your bedroom.

  4. Paint It Fresh

    A new wall colour is definitely going to freshen up a space, and while you’re at it, pick a colour you know you will enjoy across seasons.

    This way, you won’t need to do large-scale redecoration every year. Instead, you can keep your base theme and accessorise it for each season as you wish.

  5. Time to Declutter

    The most effective and cost-free hack of all! A clean space means a clean mind. Unload the mess of the winter and the holidays – time to put away those gifts!

    Cleaning and decluttering will give your room the much-needed sprucing up and space to breathe. Get some crispy clean, bright sheets and burn some flowery candles, and you’re good to go!

  6. Prints of Spring

    Here is your perfect excuse to use those vintage bird prints you have been hoarding all year. Nothing says springs more than some flowers, nature and birds printed donned on your walls.


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