Tableware: How to mix and match with ease

When we think tableware, most of us hesitate to get creative. This is because we’ve been brought up with the idea that, for a formal and classy look, it is good to go with one complete dinner set. And, of course, most of us already have a complete set that works great.

But as time goes by, you want to experiment. Either you’re bored with the same old stuff, or you found something nice – but it doesn’t match what you already have.

IKEA has a few simple tips that will ensure that you can play around with your tableware and come out with a winning spread – literally.

Work with colour themes

Instead of functionality, work with a set of colours that go together. If you’ve got mostly white plates and bowls, get cutlery in different colours to add a spark.

Otherwise, you can opt for one consistent colour and go with different designs and patterns in that shade.

Your mix and match options can be totally eclectic, but would still work within an overarching theme as long as the shades and patterns inherently work together.


Layering can work not only with colours but also patterns. Mix florals with geometric patterns, or use florals in different colours with a central theme.

Setting your table with different shapes, patterns and textures can work not only with your tableware but also flatware and place settings.

Accent with bold colours in your stemware. Use fabrics and flowers to add colour to a single colour setting.

IKEA has multiple collections of tableware, serveware and cutlery in varying patterns and hues you can choose from.

Metallic hues

If you are a fan of metallic hues, then get a basic set that utilises white with colour and metal that you like best. You can then build up your collection with other metallic hues that can work with your basic set.

If you’d like to stick to safer combinations, get flatware in different metals for a sophisticated setting. You can also mix gold, silver and bronze elements, as you would in your jewellery, for a fabulous effect.

Antiques and contemporary

If you’ve been lucky enough to inherit an antique dinner service, make use of it. When you mix and match antiques with a contemporary service set, you get a much more eclectic combination that will impress your guests.

Just remember to contrast: if your antiques are very intricate, pair them with minimalist modern pieces, and vice versa.


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