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How do you pick the right wash-stand or countertop for your bathroom? Which one is better for the master bathroom and which one for the guest bathroom? And what about ones that are comfortable for kids?

Remember that different types of bathrooms need different styles of stands or countertops, and there is no one solution for all. So, let’s explore the different kinds of choices available at IKEA to make your life easier.

  1. The master solution

    Mornings are busy times and, if you and your spouse have to share a bathroom, things can get crowded. If space permits, opt for a big wash-stand countertop that comes with twin washbasin and four drawers. Organise this as His and Hers for convivial mornings.

    If you’ve got lots of little knickknacks, use dividers to customise your drawers for optimal space. Use the open shelves of your countertop for your perfume bottles and other fancy articles.

    Bamboo countertops provide a warm look, in addition to being a natural material that is very durable. Another highly durable and easy to maintain option is a laminate countertop; with a little care, it can look new for years.

  2. Small wonders

    If you’ve got kids, consider a wash-stand with a smaller washbasin that has open shelves, providing easy access for the little ones.

    If space is an issue, IKEA recommends you choose a washbasin cabinet with one door instead of a standard countertop. Go creative and fix a pegboard next to it. Your kids will adore using this: an hourglass will help them time their grooming and also help them save water. Colourful knobs will invite them to hang their towels up instead of throwing them on the floor.

  3. Guest comforts

    You could go for a minimal look here if you have sufficient storage elsewhere. Choose an elegant wash-stand with a washbasin, drawer and open shelf. Store extra toiletries in the drawer and use the bottom open shelf for plush towels and decorative items for a spa ambience.

    Decorative stones, candles or plants not only provide a luxurious ambience but, they also add a touch of peace and calm. Also, closed shelves can be used to store essentials such as cleaning liquids.

    Lastly, if you feel your walls aren’t strong enough to hold countertops, choose ones with legs for more support.

    tips to choose wash-stands & countertops


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