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Travelling with children can be daunting for some, raising concerns of being able to reach your destination in one piece. Fortunately, travelling has become so much more convenient over the years, especially with the technology that keeps kids distracted!

However, you might want to make sure they are invested in the holiday and not on their gadgets. Here are some tips and tricks to ease the travel time.

  1. Be Prepared with Snacks

    Snacks are the best way to fend off crying and yelling until the in-flight food gets to you. Try to load up a backpack with healthy snacks so that you don’t have to deal with upset stomachs later on.

    Also, make sure you have some snacks the kids have a weak spot for. This way, you can try a small bribe if the need arises.

  2. Know Their Circadian Rhythms

    Try to book flights that are in line with your kids sleeping schedules. This way, it’s highly likely they will sleep through the flight.

    Carry something to keep them occupied in case they stay up, though. You can make it much easier to make sure they don’t land cranky on the first day of the holiday.

  3. Get a Camera

    Feeding the little ones’ curiosity and giving them something that allows them to explore is the best way to get children to have fun and keep them from getting restless and bored.

    A little film camera or even a disposable one can easily do the trick as these are super compact and you don’t really have to worry about them breaking it soon.

    A puzzle game could keep them occupied for a considerable amount of time too.

  4. Take Your Time

    At IKEA, we firmly believe that rushing isn’t good for anyone, no matter how old you are. And with kids, this is the ultimate trick.

    Agitated parents mean agitated kids and elevated levels of excitement can turn to crying fits. You can take your time if you plan well ahead and get to places early so that the kids have time to look around and take breaks.

  5. Book Ahead

    This is probably a given, but booking anything last minute and getting there only to be disappointed, with your kids in tow, is the worst.

    Make sure you book well ahead so there is very little chance of anything getting cancelled or changed at the last minute. Most of all, knowing everything is booked and ready to go helps your peace of mind!


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