Guests in Living Room - IKEA Qatar

Now that Spring break is near; we can expect visitors who arrive to enjoy all that the region has to offer before the hot summer sets in.

Houseguests, whether overnight visitors or guests for weeks, can throw all of us in panic mode, wondering if we have done everything right for a warm welcome.

We know that feeling, and so our resident IKEA experts have drawn up a list of things that you can do to ensure you’re always prepared.

  1. Kit out your kitchen

    It’s always a good idea to find out in advance whether your guests are allergic to any foods or have any particular food choices; then, stock up your larder accordingly.

    Food allergies can wreak havoc on their health and your peace of mind. Stocking up on some snacks, both sweet and savoury, is a good idea, as is replenishing your beverages, coffee and tea bags.

    If young children are expected, make sure you have some fresh milk. Leave a selection of cutlery out on the kitchen counter for guests to use if they wake up earlier than you do.

  2. Zest for zzz

    It doesn’t matter if you offer your guest(s) only a sleeping place or a separate bedroom. What matters is how welcome you make them feel.

    Fresh bed linen is a must, be it for a double bed or your couch. Place a few pillows and blankets for their use; let them decide what works for them as some people prefer layering for warmth.

    Fresh flowers in a vase, or a pot of artificial plants, add a welcome touch. Write down your Wi-fi name and password and post it near their bed; a crucial detail in today’s world.

    Ensure that there is a charging point in the room for them to plug in their devices.

  3. Bathroom blues

    Fresh towels – plush and luxurious – speak volumes about the warmth of your welcome, say we at IKEA. Place bath towels and hand towels in the bathroom for your guests; they would love it.

    If you are sharing a bathroom, show them where you are placing theirs. It’s good to also have a new set of toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and women’s products ready and placed where they’re easily visible. This way, if anyone has forgotten something, they don’t have to feel uncomfortable.

    Finally, ensure your toilets and baths are clean and, gleaming and place new toilet rolls out. Add some scented candles for a touch of luxury!


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