Tips to Revamp Your Kids Room for Their Back to School

Tips to Revamp Kids Room - IKEA Qatar Blog

Now that your children are back to school, and are clearly getting older, it may be time to redecorate their room and add a few bits and pieces that can help create a comfortable, functional setting. We know that every child’s preferences can be different, so that is why we will share with you tips that can be applied to your kid’s room no matter how picky they may be!

Create A Workspace Section

As your child grows older, they will need their own, private space to complete their homework. For that reason, we recommend adding a desk, with a children’s desk chair obviously, to make it practical for them to place all their necessary study tools, i.e. laptop, books, stationary. That way, they will be able to efficiently complete their assignments in a comfortable manner.

Also, do not forget to add a work lamp – just in case they are more productive during the night!

Hang Hooks

The reason we tell you to add hooks is to give your children easy access to place their jackets, caps, and other accessories in a tidy manner. We all have experienced that feeling of returning home from school – the feeling where you just want to lie down on your bed and relax! Without your school belongings of course. That is why we recommend a simple hook!

Update Your Child’s Bedding & Furniture

It is always a good option to renew your child’s room with new furniture pieces and bedding. As they move up a class, they might ask for a “less childish” room – that is totally normal! Purchase new sheets and covers that best reflect your child’s personality. Also, add a footstool with storage to serve two purposes. One, it can be used as extra seating in case your child would like to have a friend over, and two, it can serve as extra storage space for your child’s belongings. Cool, isn’t it?

Decorate with Symbols of Inspiration

We recommend you decorate your child’s room with décor pieces that they might love and appreciate. For instance, you can include your child’s previous achievements, trophies, or even artwork that they are proud of. You may also add a picture of their role model whom they admire. Adding such items will give them a feeling of motivation and inspiration, ensuring that they start off their school year on a positive note!

Add A Bookshelf

Finally, in case your children have a passion for reading, it would be a great idea to place a bookshelf in their room with all their favorite books! You can place it above their desk or even above their bed so they can easily grab and read a story before bedtime. And in case your child is not a fan of books, the bookshelf can serve as a space to place other items that they may be interested in!

Here are some ideas to help you revamp your kids’ room as they return to school! They are so simple and require minimal effort!

Happy redecorating!


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