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Most homemakers will agree that the kitchen is arguably the most important room in any home. We tend to spend the most amount of time here, either cooking up a storm or eating said storm at every meal.

And unlike the days of old, kitchens are no longer solely functional spaces. But what’s trending in kitchen design this year?

In close consultation with IKEA designers, we’ve put together some trends we’d all do well to look out for this year.

1. Backsplashes

You may think a backsplash is far too loud for a kitchen, but trust us, it’s big this year.

Pick a pretty marbled wallpaper (or the same marble you’re using for your counter if you’re feeling expensive), and create a statement backsplash.

It’ll really brighten up your space and make the kitchen so much more than just functional.

2. Colourful Tiles

Colour is on point this year, with more people experimenting with it than ever before.

Colourful tiles are used not only in the utilitarian aspects of the kitchen but also to create stunning wall art.

It’s an unexpected pop of colour in an unexpected place, so it makes for a bold and pretty statement that’s quite irresistible.

3. Double Islands

Our favourite new trend – for those who have kitchens with space for it – involves double islands!

Imagine a kitchen with two islands: one with a beautiful, wide sink, and another a plain countertop that can double as a dining table.

Providing a clean demarcation between preparation and serving, this is a useful and luxurious concept that we’re obsessed with.

4. Steel Hoods

2020 is going to see a shift away from traditional materials like cast iron or wood.

Steel hoods, for instance, are one of the biggest new trends hitting the kitchen design space. It’s the perfect modern take on an age-old element.

5. Warm Finishes

The time for grey and white kitchens is done and dusted.

2020 is all about wood cabinetry, quartzite counters and stone floors.

It’s a fresh new take on the classic kitchen – a trend we couldn’t love more!

6. Open Shelving but for Décor

Open shelves have been in for a while, but more and more people are using the space to display décor items like vintage teapots, crystal vases or copperware.

It does a good job of blending old-world elements with the modern appliances that’re anyway dotted around, creating an interesting and inviting space.

Whichever trend you choose, we’re sure your kitchen will end up becoming a conversation-starter soon!


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