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Lighting in a home changes everything, and with the advancement of technology, there are a lot of different types of lights you can choose from. Warm lights, cool lights, coloured lights, dim or bright, the choices are endless.

What’s more, with IKEA’s extensive collection at your disposal, it’s even easier to switch between them. You could even set things up with multiple lights already in place, and with a simple flick of a switch or even a spoken word to an automated system, you can change the entire mood!

Here are some ways you can get that good light to bounce off the walls of your home this summer.

  1. Layered lighting for all requirements

    It’s true that you can never have enough layers of light in your home.
    After general lighting, which tackles the essential lighting needs and acts as the base for all other layers, think about task lighting and accent lighting.
    These will help you place a sharper focus on different aspects of your home. It will also make carrying out detailed tasks much easier.
    Decorative lighting comes last, allowing you to beautify and enhance the whole lighting experience of your rooms.

  2. Subtle lighting for outdoors

    Outdoor areas benefit from subtle lighting, as indirect lighting helps create a fuzzy glow that isn’t too harsh and sets the mood just right.
    Landscape lights are key to illuminating certain areas of your backyard and outdoor spaces. A definite plus is that they make your patio or yard seem bigger.

  3. Pendant lights and chandeliers

    IKEA has a broad spectrum of pendant lights and chandeliers, with adjustable heights and light levels that can be dimmed to your preference and mood.
    Try out bulbs that give off incandescent lighting as the glow is more relaxing and lighter on the eyes.

  4. Let natural light in

    Summer brings in the brightest light, so make sure to open up the windows occasionally and let the light shine in.
    If you had thick curtains on your windows for winter, change them up for some lighter ones that let sunlight through.

  5. Be strategic

    Make sure you place lights in the best places. This way, you get the most out of a few lights and their positioning.
    Take advantage of wall space to mount sconces or other lighting fixtures that can also be decorative and further help with task lighting.
    If you are picking up lamp shades, go for tall floor lamps.


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