Underrated Bedroom Décor Ideas You Need to Know

Bedroom Ideas - IKEA Qatar

Bedrooms are a sanctuary. Even if you have an overwhelming amount of space that you have no idea how to liven up or awkward spaces where nothing seems to fit, IKEA’s stunning range of products and ideas will help put you a little more at ease.

  1. Floating Shelves

    • Mount up several floating shelves from IKEA and style them to your choice!
    • Everything from photo frames to books to plants and little statement pieces can liven up your bedroom and give it a more personal touch.
    • You can get tiny triangles for corners or long slats of shelving that appear to “float”.
    • Pick different shapes and sizes to suit your needs.
  2. An Accent Wall

    • Choose one wall in your bedroom to be the unique standout!
    • A small room doesn’t have to be a dull room. Paint it a different color from the rest, paint a mural or plaster it with wallpaper in a design you like.
    • Accent walls add character to a room. Depending on the color of the other walls, pick a color that is several shades darker than your main color.
  3. Vibrant Textiles

    • Give your room a personal and vibrant touch by mixing up the textiles, be it carpets, cushions, blinds or quilts.
    • Test out different patterns and textures, swap them around or stack them. A little goes a long way!
    • Get a soft wooly rug from IKEA’s beautiful range, which your feet will welcome instead of the cold morning floor.
  4. Mirror It

    • Mirrors bring quite a magical design element to a room. They make spaces feel larger and brighter, so mount one (or several) up on a wall or prop it against a corner.
    • Pick a mirror with a unique design or one that gives your room an antique feel – depending on the vibe you are going for, of course.
  5. The Color White

    • White objects in a room tend to make the room feel less claustrophobic, especially if you only have limited space.
    • Check out our extensive range of white furniture and decor. Remember to choose furniture that changes with your needs and can adapt easily to additions to your home.
  6. Window of Opportunity

    • Express yourself by curating a chic display of things on a windowsill or turn it into a potted plant paradise by enhancing your decor with summertime greenery.
    • Decorate with vases and pots from our diverse collection today!

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