Want a Rustic Bathroom? Here’s How You Can Recreate One

Rustic décor is an eternal trend in interior design. These elements are often inexpensive, quaint and one-of-a-kind. They can turn any space into a work of art and easily become the focal point.

If you’re considering renovating your bathroom, why not think of adding some rustic touches to it? We admit bathrooms aren’t the first spaces that come to mind. But that’s what makes this idea all the more unique.

According to IKEA designers, rustic décor, when done right, can convert your plain old bathroom into a real head-turner! Here are seven ways which will help you achieve that rustic flair to your bathroom:

Reclaimed mirror

The focal point of any bathroom is the mirror you place inside. A reclaimed wooden-frame mirror is a perfect choice for your rustic bathroom.

Nothing is more rustic than turning something vintage into a brand-new beautiful piece of décor.

Pastoral paintings

The perfect elegant addition to any powder room, pastoral paintings instantly add a beautiful country vibe.

While they might be slightly expensive, pairing them with vintage wallpaper will truly complete the rustic look.

Rustic repurposed items

Watering cans as vases, a ladder as a towel rack, an old cake tin to display your soaps in – wonderfully utilitarian and charmingly kitschy, these elements are sure to add to the authentic rustic feel you’re aiming for.

Bring nature in

If you have easy access to greenery, bringing some outdoor elements indoors is a great idea for a rustic bathroom.

Just hang a pine branch on the wall, or pile on dried wigs and rocks into an artful arrangement.

Natural materials

Use wooden panels or a stone countertop or sink to get a beautifully modern look in your rustic bathroom.

Using natural elements makes the space look refined and classy and can easily elevate the vibe of your bathroom.

Old-world cabinetry

Nothing is more old-world than storing your essentials in an armoire, preferably with chicken-wire on the door frames!

Search thrift shops and antique stores for the right sized armoire and use it store all your towels and toiletries.

Bonus points if you can find old wicker baskets to be placed inside for odds and ends too.

Shaving tub, anyone?

If you can find an antique shaving tub (maybe grandma has one stashed away somewhere!), you can repurpose it to become a sink in your new rustic bathroom.

Installed on an old table, the plumbing can be hidden beautifully with vintage linens and lace.

With these ideas, you’ll soon have yourself a rustic bathroom that’s the talk of the town!


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