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As yet another year comes to an end, it’s time for New Year resolutions and reinvention. So why not do something completely different with your home? There are so many exciting decoration styles to experiment with, and a chance of style and pace may just be what the doctor ordered.

At IKEA, one of our core design philosophies is to create elegant, affordable furniture for everyone, with the main goal of making each person’s life a little better. And to cater to different tastes, we have a vast range of furniture and accessories in various styles.

So let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles of home decoration for you to pick from.

Minimalist magic

This is one of the most popular and enduring styles, and one that IKEA truly embodies. Minimalist décor always puts functionality and simplicity front and centre, and emphasises clean lines rather than ornate designs.

Decide on a monochromatic colour theme with a muted palette, and go with furniture and accessories in bold geometric shapes. Consider chairs, sofa sets and tables that feature straight lines instead of curves. Of course, you can play with different materials and textures to add contrast.

Industrial innovation

As its name suggests, industrial interior decoration takes inspiration from warehouses and machinery, so metallic colours and metal textures abound in this style, along with hints of wood here and there – think of a factory floor or a loft, for example.

IKEA has a wide range of metal accessories and objets d’art, including frames, holders, lighting fixtures. Combine these with wooden tables, cabinets and shelves to create an industrial paradise.

Scandinavian simplicity

Of course, we cannot talk about IKEA without talking about Scandinavian design – which is perhaps something that our products embody the most. The Scandinavian style is known for its simplicity and understated elegance.

Other standout features of this style include largely all-white rooms with spots of colour, clever use of metals and bright plastics, and dashes of texture, like a standout carpet or a throw. Most importantly, any room organised in this style should emphasise lots of natural light and a feeling of spaciousness.

Bohemian boisterousness

And last, but not least, we have the Bohemian style. The only rule for this style is that there are no rules at all! This is for anyone with a wild, carefree heart.

Combine vintage furniture with brightly patterned rugs from all over the world. Go for floor pillows, throws and plush armchairs for that air of comfort, and feel free to add an elaborate chandelier, rustic photo frames and shelves full of bric-a-brac to complete the effect.


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