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Welcome summer by changing your home’s colour palette

Welcome summer by changing your home’s colour palette

As summer begins, we’re sure you already have a lot of summery recipes in mind, and many outfits planned. But what about including a home makeover? We definitely think it’d be a good idea to move your décor from wintery cosiness to a ‘cooler indoors’ summer!

From your living room to your bedrooms and even your kitchen, we asked the design professionals over at IKEA for tips on how you can add a bit of vibrancy to your house for this season.

Light Tones – Kids’ Room

  • Pink and blue are such classic, lovely colours, especially when paired with complimentary hues, such as peach or yellow.
  • These shades can make the whole room look youthful and happy. So, add some lighter hues to your child’s room by getting peach pillow covers, yellow towels, or blue throws.
  • You can also change up the paint on the walls.
  • This is also a good idea for anywhere you want a nice pop of colour or a fun space to hang out in!

Striking Red – Living Room

  • The colour red is considered to be a lot of people’s favourite, and for good reason.
  • Red is also one of the best colours for the summer season, with even the tiniest bit of it having the ability to make a great difference.
  • This colour brings about a lot of energy, fun, and stylishness, and will most definitely impact its surroundings, even when added in moderation.
  • Think red cushions and throws for sofas, or a red rug on the floor. Or even one centrepiece chair in bright red.

Subtle Tones – Bedroom

  • A subtle tone (say light blue) is one of the best ways to make a space feel more relaxing and serene.
  • This colour has the ability to bring on a sense of calmness and gives the room a more uplifting and peaceful feel.
  • This is especially true when you pair it with summer’s natural, bright light.
  • Lighter, soothing hues are perfect when used in a bedroom since they work hand in hand with natural light, which gives the room a very peaceful feel.

Neutral or Off-White Tones – Dining or Kitchen

  • Neutral tones bring about a subtle, old-school look that pairs very well with modern furniture.
  • When combined with dark floors and white walls, it adds an even more elegant touch.
  • You can also opt for the off-white variant which brings on a subtly refreshing and warm feeling.
  • These options also transform in colour with different types of lighting, you’d be surprised with what you see!

Happy redecorating!


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