Which Washbasin to Use Where?

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Size matters, One for the couple, The cosy option, Ideal for multitasker, Clean yet elegant.

Washbasins are an integral part of bathroom décor and, while their usability is undisputed, there’s also the question of aesthetics. It’s crucial to look for specific details like colour, shape, size, angle and material when it comes to the most hygienic corners of your home.

With a wide range of washbasins available in the market, finding the one that suits your need is important. So what’s the best way to choose? What parameters should be kept in mind? Read on to find out how to choose the type of washbasin that suits you:

Size matters

Your washbasin depends upon the size of your bathroom – if you pick a big basin that eats up all of your space, leaving nothing for other purposes, you may regret it later. Similarly, you can mistakenly fit a beautiful washbasin, smaller in size, for a master bathroom, where it will look out of place. Both of these scenarios will have adverse effects on the interior and atmosphere. Keeping such factors in mind, make sure you choose a washbasin of suitable size.

One for the couple

If you’re a couple, you’ll know it’s normal to haggle in the morning over the bathroom. You need to get to work and everyone wants to be first out the door. Choosing a double washbasin might be the perfect solution since it’ll help cut your morning woes in half.

The cosy option

If it is not possible to have a big basin in your bathroom, opt for a single washbasin which requires less space, is convenient and adds some cosy charm. Another good idea is corner basins, which fit into corners rather than on the main walls, again saving space and adding a contemporary touch.

Ideal for multitasker

These days, innovative solutions to storage are everywhere – gone are the days when cupboards were the only choice. Go for countertop washbasins, which do not need a pedestal and thus provide space for a lot of storage beneath – perfect for a family bathroom.

Clean yet elegant

If you think square-shaped basins make it difficult for you to clean the grime and dirt from every corner, angular countertop basins are a good option – or you can try a classic design with a water trap design.

Whatever your choice, make sure it fits your utility and storage needs while adding a touch of class and style to your bathroom.


2 thoughts on “Which Washbasin to Use Where?

  1. It is essential that we plan our bathroom according to our and family ’s needs. Before doing the actual décor of your bathroom, check its layout first and see how much space you have. A layout can help you avoid any interference of door and window with bathroom fixtures. Always leave the area behind wash basin to move around. Also, while doing the washbasin area. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind. Read on here to know more.

  2. One of the critical fixtures of our bathroom is ‘taps’. We use taps daily from brushing to filling water cans. The taps go through heavy usage which is why having top-quality taps in the bathroom is necessary. A high-quality tap will save more water while maintaining the pressure on it. Along with the taps, it is equally essential to buy a wash basin that spells durability and reliability. In this blog, we jot down a few points to remember while buying a wash basin.

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