Make your reading nook a magical place

This will make your reading nook a magical place - IKEA Qatar

The reading nook of your home is your personal territory where you can forget all your woes for a while and have some time to yourself. So, it has to be nothing short of magical! But what makes it your go-to place every time you want to forget the world and get lost in some book?

Well, some things make up that perfect reading nook. These things include an oversized chair with comfy cushions, a small table to place your warm coffee mug and the most important one- good lighting. Sounds simple, right?

But more often than not, they are overlooked by designers and homeowners alike, especially the lighting. And the lighting is that one aspect that will make convert your stay here from 5 minutes to much longer as you won’t realize how time passed when you curl up with your favourite book. So, let us look at some lighting options that will make your cozy reading nook a magical place!

HEKTAR: When you look at this one, you already start picturing yourself with a book in one hand, and coffee in another. This oversized lamp is perfect for directional light as well as general light for small areas. It looks great and doesn’t break the bank as well. However, you will need to buy the light bulb separately. Lastly, if you are looking for something sleek and stylish, then definitely you must give this one a try.

LERSTA: This aluminum lamp is a contemporary floor/reading one. You can easily direct the light where you want as the lamp head is adjustable. Pricewise it highly pocket-friendly.

NOT: This 2 in 1 lamp can be used as general light as well as reading light. You can switch each one on and off separately. Pricewise it is approximately same as the LERSTA.

RENARP: If you like things vintage, then RENARP is your best buy. It is created with details like steel joints and striped textile cord. It is heavy and stable, yet fully adjustable. It is ideal for reading as the head can be adjusted and the light can be directed to wherever you need it.

ARÖD: This floor/reading lamp comes in an all grey colour. You can easily direct the light because of its adjustable head and arm. Hence, it is perfect for reading purposes.

Give your smartphones and computers a break for a while and create a magical place for you that is filled with great novels, comfy pillows and inspiring light!


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