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Importance of large Sofa for your Living Room

Modular Sofas - IKEA Qatar

A large comfy sofa! Yes, that is the primary ingredient required in your home if you have a growing family or you always have people over. The living room is the most used room in a home. No wonder that it is the most favourite room of the house. You spend time with family here, entertain guests here and most evenings after returning from work all you want to do is just sit back, relax and lounge on your sofa for a while before you get started with all the home errands.

So, here is one such sofa that is just perfect for your growing family needs and not just that but it is also the one your guests will love at your next house party. Enter: Vimle. This modular sofa is simple, classy, comfortable and comes at a great price! There are different sizes that it comes in. Hence, you can keep adding different modules of this sofa as per your growing family needs. You can even create your sofa depending upon the size available in your living room.

Also, you can also change the look of your sofa once in a while by moving 1 or two modules of this couch to your bedroom or any other room in your home. So, you can do a lot with this latest entrant from IKEA. Furthermore, this sofa comes with storage in the chaise lounge and footstool. And who doesn’t like a little extra storage? Well, we surely do.

Now, coming to the comfort of this sofa. It is great! However, you don’t have to believe us. Just try it yourselves to believe it. You will really like it. It is large and wide, so you can easily sleep on a three seater Vimle. Apart from that, this sofa comes in 5 different colours- beige, yellow, dark blue, dark grey and dark green. And last but not the least, this important piece of furniture comes at a great price! So, with this sofa, you can’t really go wrong.  It rounded corners, proper height and width are perfect for lounging for hours together and years on end! IKEA has many more sofas that spell comfort. Tell us which is your favourite IKEA sofa and why in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!


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